Taylorside Mini Farm

Taylorside is a small farm located 3 kilometers northwest of Armstrong, British Columbia.  We raise Golden Retriever Dogs, Nigerian Dwarf Goats and Jacob Sheep.  We also have Chihuahua Dogs and Miniature Horses and Donkeys.

At Taylorside, our passion is raising babies and often we have the opportunity to hand raise goat kids, lambs or puppies. These babies become much like our human family, living and traveling with us. They bring much pleasure to us and all we meet along the way.

These small horses originated in England and Europe as early as 1765, bred down from full size animals as pets for the Royal Families of Europe. Not all miniatures were pampered pets; many were used as work horses to pull carts in coal mines. They were known as 'Pit Ponies' and were used in mining until the 1950s.

Miniature Horses became popular in the United States in the 1900s as driving and show ponies, as well as for pets. Registered animals cannot exceed 34 inches tall and they are available in all possible colours.

Taylorside has 3 mares that are our own pets.  Visitors are welcome to come and see them.