Taylorside Mini Farm

Taylorside is a small farm located 3 kilometers northwest of Armstrong, British Columbia.  We raise Golden Retriever Dogs, Nigerian Dwarf Goats and Jacob Sheep.  We also have Chihuahua Dogs and Miniature Horses and Donkeys.

At Taylorside, our passion is raising babies and often we have the opportunity to hand raise goat kids, lambs or puppies. These babies become much like our human family, living and traveling with us. They bring much pleasure to us and all we meet along the way.

These small donkeys originated from the Islands of Sardinia and Sicily. Because of their small size, they were used to turn grinding stones for grain inside peasant homes. They also carried water and hauled supplies to shepherds in the mountains.

Now almost extinct in their native land, these little animals were first imported to United States in 1929 and have become a popular pet in North America. They are said to possess an intellectual capacity "only slightly inferior to man."    

Registered Miniature Donkeys cannot exceed 36 inches tall and the most common colour is grey.

Taylorside has 3 Jennets for our own enjoyment.  Visitors are welcome to come and view them but none are for sale.