Taylorside Mini Farm

Taylorside is a small farm located 3 kilometers northwest of Armstrong, British Columbia.  We raise Golden Retriever Dogs, Nigerian Dwarf Goats and Jacob Sheep.  We also have Chihuahua Dogs and Miniature Horses and Donkeys.

At Taylorside, our passion is raising babies and often we have the opportunity to hand raise goat kids, lambs or puppies. These babies become much like our human family, living and traveling with us. They bring much pleasure to us and all we meet along the way.

Jacob Sheep are a small extremely hardy, primitive breed that dates back to Bible times. It is written that Jacob took his flock of 'Spotted Sheep' and went to the land of Canaan.

Jacob Sheep have multiple horns and their wool is white with black or brown spots. They produce high quality soft wool and their meat is lean and tender.

This is truly an old breed saved from extinction by a few breeders of purebred stock in England. In North America, Jacob Sheep are still considered a rare breed with less than 1000 registered animals.

At Taylorside, we have a small herd of unregistered Jacob Sheep. Our ram has a spectacular rack of 4 horns and produces lovely babies. We have 6 ewes who usually produce twins each Spring.