Taylorside Mini Farm

Taylorside is a small farm located 3 kilometers northwest of Armstrong, British Columbia.  We raise Golden Retriever Dogs, Nigerian Dwarf Goats and Jacob Sheep.  We also have Chihuahua Dogs and Miniature Horses and Donkeys.

At Taylorside, our passion is raising babies and often we have the opportunity to hand raise goat kids, lambs or puppies. These babies become much like our human family, living and traveling with us. They bring much pleasure to us and all we meet along the way.

The Golden Retriever is a living example of the phrase ‘all around dog’ as well as being one of the most beautiful, lovable and trainable dogs a person can have the pleasure of owning.

Developed in England in 1868, the Golden Retriever originated from a cross of Tweed Water Spaniel, Irish Setter and Bloodhound. As the name suggests, Goldens were developed primarily to retrieve fallen game for the hunter. His dense, water repellent coat enables him to withstand cold temperatures and icy water and his sensitive nose can scent game at distances of 40 to 50 yards. The Golden’s eager and alert attitude towards work and desire to please have also taken him away from the field to become involved in much broader activities. 

In the obedience ring, the Golden Retriever is one of the most popular and successful competitors. His outstanding good nature and gentleness make him an ideal family pet, quiet and patient with children yet ready to play fetch at a moments notice. Goldens are trusting, gentle, consistent, happy and precise workers which makes them the top choice for assistance dogs.

At Taylorside Mini Farm, our Kennel Crew includes a breeding male and 2 females. We usually have 2 litters of puppies each year. 


More Pictures of Adorable Puppies!